Flowering Harbour

Flowering Harbour

Seiichi Hayashi
Edited and translated by
Ryan Holmberg

Cover and layout design in collaboration with Joe Kessler for Breakdown Press. Translation typesetting and additional layout by James Jessiman. Printed by Risograph at Victory Press and available at the Breakdown Press store

It is 1969, and famed artist Seiichi Hayashi has decided that his comics, having flirted with pop, need some heart and soul. He turns to the moody graphics of old kashihon gekiga and the sentiments of Japanese enka blues.

“Because of you, my long life will be withered with frost. This fading shadow of an empty shell… our love.”

So laments the heart-broken bar hostess of Flowering Harbour, one of the classic works of the legendary alternative manga magazine Garo.

Flowering HarbourFlowering HarbourFlowering HarbourFlowering HarbourFlowering Harbour