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    After exploring a series of different methods for developing 35mm black and white film at home, this is the process that gave me the most consistent results.

    Based on a variation of semi-stand development, this process is very forgiving and doesn’t require exact time keeping.

    I tested it on Kodak Tri-X 400 pushed to 1600, developing three rolls at a time with this setup:


    • 3 roll Paterson development tank
    • 3 Auto load reels
    • 1 litre mixing jug
    • 3 film clips
    • Mixer paddle
    • 1 litre concertina bottle
    • Rodinal
    • Ilford Rapid Fixer

    Process and timings

    • Presoak with running water – 1 minute
    • Mix developer – 12ml Rodinal one shot R09 to 858ml water
    • Add developer – 5 to 10 inversions for 1 minute
    • Leave for 1 hour with 3 slow inversions at 30 mins
    • Mix fixer – 200ml Ilford Rapid Fixer to 800ml water
    • Empty developer
    • Stop bath with running water – 3 minutes
    • Add fixer – 10 minutes – 4 inversions every first 10 seconds of each minute
    • Water wash with running water 2 minutes
    • Add single drop of washing up liquid
    • Water wash with running water 2 minutes
    • Hand squeegee film and quick wipe with kitchen towel to remove any final drops of water